Safety Screen


  • System designed to achieve the enclosure of the work floor at full height and safeguard site personnel against falls from height and adverse weather conditions
  • Provide working platforms around the extremity of the suspended slab
  • Reduce your overall risk in construction by allowing us to provide you with Safety Perimeter Screens custom designed for your project.
  • Formwork systems can be attached to the screens, contributing to faster floor cycles and increased productivity

Features & Benefits

  • Complete perimeter seal You can have peace of mind knowing your workers are safe behind the perimeter seal and nothing will fall on a passerby
  • Pre-assembly and nested deliveries maximize on site productivity Innovative design ensures maximum number of screens are delivered preassembled, reducing the time required on site for assembly and minimal deliveries
  • Screen sheeting can be printed to any many opportunities for self-promotion on site, or even external marketing opportunities
  • Choice of sheeting available to suit local market conditions Choice of sheeting available for hot climates that provides ventilation, or for cold climates that can protect from wind and rain
  • Technical Details: The frame is made up from SHS, ISMC & ISA. Anti – Skid platforms are used as walking platforms which enables people to work freely and provide safety. 600mm to 1200mm clear working area can be given.

Advantages (over existing systems):

  • Modular and can be assembled at site.
  • 85% reusability of components for further projects.
  • Solution can be customized to suit the shape yet reusable, hence can be treated as an asset rather than loading on single project.
  • 3 levels of working platform for easy movement of personal and shifting of materials from floor to floor.
  • Minimum time (3 to 4 mins. Per unit) for relocation by crane (Using spreader beam & only vertical movement)

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